Here are your answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is Sterntalerhof?

It is a children's hospice in the original sense of the word, namely a harbourage where hope can grow anew, families can find peace, tank up on strength, and return home with confidence – all the time accompanied with loving care by our most competent therapists.

Do children die at Sterntalerhof?

In principle, no. The idea is to learn to love life by thoroughly experiencing each moment. At the same time we pay attention to subjects like dying, death, and saying farewell to a loved one in dignity, if a family so desires.

What does a stay at Sterntalerhof cost?

€ 3,000 per week and family for room, board, and the full therapeutical-pedagogic accompaniment. Our creed states that a family will never be turned away because it cannot afford a stay at Sterntalerhof.


Each family pays as much as it can, and we will raise the rest with the help of our partners, sponsors, and donors.

Does socialized medicine/sick fund pay for a stay at Sterntalerhof?

In principle, no.

What is palliative medicine?

Palliative medicine seeks to improve, or to sustain long-range, the quality of life of seriously or terminally ill patients.The World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as "the active, holistic treatment of patients suffering from a progressive and rather advanced illness, and facing only a limited life expectancy at the time the illness no longer responds to curative treatment, thus affording the highest priority to limiting pain, to other physical complaints, and to psychological, social, and spiritual problems".

(World Health Organisation, 1990; quoted in STUDENT, 1999, p. 81).

What does "palliative" mean?

The concept (from Latin pallium for cloak) means protecting and relieving. As a cloak may protect us against wind and weather, so this concept today conveys the meaning of protection against inner cold, loneliness, anxiety, and physical pain. Palliative care transcends mere medical treatment of pain, even though it is primarily used together with the word medicine.

What is the difference between HPV and hippotherapy?

"The concept "Hippotherapy" means a special physiotherapeutical measure which, from medical viewpoints, employs the horse’s three-dimensional dorsal movements for the benefit of handicapped and ill people. Sitting bare-back on the warm and steadily moving horse, the patient has to react constantly to its movements".

( - 27.5.2010)


"The concept "HVP – Therapeutical-Pedagogic Vaulting and horseback riding" summarizes pedagogical, psychological, psychotherapeutical, rehabilitating, and socio- integrative offers to children, adolescents, and adults with different physical handicaps and disorders. It is the individual’s benefit through the medium horse that takes priority over pure horsemanship here, i.e., favorably influencing and improving the patient’s development and state of health. By Interacting with the horse, by engaging in vaulting and horseback riding exercises, humans benefit physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially".

( - 27.5.2010)

Is special clothing required?

No. Casual leisure time wear is sufficient.