Every family getting into a psychosocial exceptional situation due to a life-threatening or life limiting illness of a child is cushioned, supported and accompanied on their way back to a normal life.


The feeling of comfort, hope and zest for life for children and their families who do not know how long they’re going to have a tomorrow together.


We never reject a family only because they cannot afford our service and care. Every family pays what they can, the rest is raised by Sterntalerhof through its partners, sponsors and donors.

Our experience over all these years shows: The families usually have a long road of suffering behind them, which has cost them time, energy, and in most cases a lot of money. At the same time, one parent often needs to quit his or her job, i.e. one source of income is lost.

This everyday experience raises an obligation we see for ourselves: that care justified through expert opinion shall never fail due to financial means. Every family in need is warmly welcomed and gives whatever they can. The rest is raised by the “Sterntalerhof network” with all its partners, sponsors and donors and its many supporters.