Ambulante Guidance

Our out-patient care comprises two fields:

  • On the one hand, all therapeutic facilities at Sterntalerhof can be used by the families in the region. Within this framework the child comes to us for one unit once a week for therapeutic guidance over a longer period of time.
  • On the other hand, we organise mobile therapy for families at home based on their individual needs after a regular stay at Sterntalerhof.

Since we have taken care of families from all over Austria and beyond, we have developed a broad network of partners over the years.

Furthermore, we have different cycles, such as “Guidance for orphaned families” for families with minor child/ren who have lost one parent or a child. They are guided, supported and stabilised on an interdisciplinary level by the help of our already existing team; or “Guidance for traumatised refugee children” coming from war zones, who are therapeutically guided, supported and stabilised by the non-verbal programmes we provide at Sterntalerhof.

Responsible for this field:

Verena Gumhalter, MA