Life Guidance

Excerpt of our statutes, which are the basis of all our efforts:
The purpose of Sterntalerhof is a holistic, family-oriented life accompaniment of people in crisis situations. The focus of our range lies in accompanying, counseling, and taking care of seriously and chronically ill children and their family members. Activities center around personal conversations, counseling, and support, especially by furnishing social services for the patient and his or her relatives.

We operate within the framework of the IMPACCT: Standards of pediatric palliative care in Europe.

From the very beginning it is most important for us to carefully orient our interdisciplinary approach of a holistic life accompaniment towards the needs of the families entrusted to us, and to go on developing this approach accordingly.

Our core mission at Sterntalerhof is, and will remain, taking care of families with seriously ill children by an interdisciplinary team on a stationary basis. Reaching our high level of accomplishment has taken a decade and will therefore be established as sustainably as possible. In the sense of an all-encompassing care for families already treated, or to be treated, at Sterntalerhof, supplementary accompaniment is administered in the form of mobile and out-patient treatment.

In addition the project "Hospice goes school" was established in cooperation with the regional association Burgenland in order to raise awareness among children and youth to the idea of hospice and to convey a respectful and appreciative attitude in dealing with farewell, dying, and grief. In doing so, specially trained employees go upon request of the school and in consultation with teachers and parents in classes and work with students on this topic.