Clinical and Health Psychology

The focus here is on counseling and supporting the entire family while they are confronted, and trying to come to grips, with the various phases of the illness, or during the time of mourning. This activity includes crisis intervention, methods of battling anxieties, pain, and illness as well as training relaxation and counseling couples. Special attention is paid to the resources of each family member. Depending on the initial situation, psychological measures to relieve, strengthen, and stabilize can therefore be taken. Children tend to see psychologists primarily as a mouthpiece for their needs, which have to be recognized and registered as such. In subsequent private counseling sessions, these needs may well become the subject of which approaches to take in everyday life at home. In case of need, risk factors such as burnout, suicide, and psychopathological phenomena are tackled by psychologists, and appropriate ambulant therapeutical settings are mediated.

Our team member in this field:

Christina Holper