Pedagogy of Expression and Dance

This field comprises a wide variety at Sterntalerhof: apart from choreographic dancing, dancing sessions, dance theater, and exercises of relaxation with music; it is above all the free dance - a unique nonverbal means of communication - that takes center stage. Free dance offers the opportunity of finding access to a patient´s emotional life. Dancing freely means being allowed to be the way one is, feels, or what one experiences at any given moment. Needs, wishes, anxieties, feelings of sadness, passions, and dreams may be experienced and expressed through the body and through movement. In a sheltered and guided setting these feelings can be registered consciously without making value judgments. Free dance grants us a new holistic experience of ourselves so that we can feel and experience our senses again and get a chance at self-realization and setting ourselves free. Apart from that, dancing simply means fun, enlivening our senses toward pleasure.

Our team memeber in this field:

Claudia Ritter