Therapeutical Pedagogy

In therapeutic pedagogy the focus is on psychic balance, overall development, and social participation of the child patient and his/her siblings. The point here is to promote a normal life as long as this is possible with all the many opportunities available. Self-determination, self-efficiency, and autonomy take center stage. On the one hand capabilities and skills are strengthened, on the other hand new ways and possibilities may be discovered. Developing the depth of emotional and social experiencing are supported by games, creative design, or conversation. Sensory and basal offers may also open individual doors to a child. We paint pictures of friendship, go looking for power stones, build good luck charms, mold candles, fill memory boxes, write letters, launch little boats carrying wishes and messages, blow the biggest soap bubbles in the world, or act on stage. Dealing with feelings, we bake good mood cookies, tell stories, and so on. Sensory and basal suggestions pop up at shaving cream parties, auditory memories, grope-your-way guessing games, olfactory quizzes, or while swinging, sliding, trampolining, and castle-in-the.air jumping, whether lying in a hammock or a grain bath. In accompanying sessions with parents, the latter are supposed to gain a new look at the resources and capabilities of their children and to take home ideas for everyday use.

Responsible for this field:

Lisa Wiesinger
Elisabeth Zwiauer