Holistic Art Therapy

As a multimedia approach, it offers time and space in a protective setting for contact with pictorial media like painting, drawing, modeling, and natural materials as well as with the performing media like improvisation, theater, drama, poetry, photography, etc. As a result of experiencing very different materials, children often open themselves in a playful way, their conditions and emotions gradually finding expression as insights are gained. If one´s own creativity and the joy of participating in shaping things result in a wider scope of action, resources are recognized and devlopment becomes apparent. Careful therapeutic guidance, the autonomous taking of action right here and right now, the promotion of one's own potential, and the strengths of one's own capabilities lead to rewarding moments. Holistic art therapy does not battle symptoms, illness, or crises. It offers the rehabilitation and reconstruction of one's creative and social being as well as creative action. It is available for children, adolescents, and parents either individually or in a group.

Our team member in this field:

Sarah Friedl (in Karenz)